There’s always space for SEVENFRIDAY!

Step for step SEVENFRIDAY spaces are taking over the world. Far more than just your ordinary cafe or run of the mill boutique, the spaces are a bit like a cool clubhouse just without the elitist members… No dress code, no status necessary all that’s needed to blend in is the SEVENFRIDAY spirit, show me don’t tell me style!

The newest stop on the SEVENFRIDAY space trip is Kuwait. Fitting in perfectly with the other spaces, the build of our watches, where the wearer gets a peek of the internal workings, inspires the use of mesh and glass throughout the store. The neon sign reading ‘show me don’t tell me’, is a reminder of the SEVENFRIDAY values. We want our spaces to help create and nurture a community and hope that guests leave with an understanding of the brand and what we stand for. Our spaces are not just a place to sell our products, they are an extension of the brand and embody the SEVENFRIDAY lifestyle!

Wherever you are in the world theres sure to be a SEVENFRIDAY space nearby and if there isn’t, there will be soon!