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What type of watches are SEVENFRIDAY watches?

My watch stopped or is running late, what can I do?

Does SEVENFRIDAY buy back products from customers?

Can I get information about a SEVENFRIDAY watch I already own?

How to collaborate with SEVENFRIDAY?

How can I access to the latest news and events?

How can I get access to special offers?

Is my watch waterproof?


How can I make sure to get a genuine SEVENFRIDAY product?

Are all watches equipped with an NFC chip allowing authentication via the SEVENFRIDAY App?

I can’t register my product using the SEVENFRIDAY App

Where to download the SEVENFRIDAY App?

Where can I find the serial number of my SEVENFRIDAY watch?

Order, shipping and return

Did my order go through?

How can I pay?

Warranty, repair and service

Is there a warranty for my SEVENFRIDAY product?

How can I change my strap or the buckle?

How do I claim a warranty issue?