Kenny Handkammer is one of the most successful engineers in Formula One racing. As chief mechanic Kenny was part of a Benetton crew that produced a 3.2s pit stop in 1993, a record that stood for 17 years!

Kenny worked closely with Michael Schumacher celebrating 1994 and 1995 championship wins. “Team work and the efficiency of the mechanic and pit crew in Formula One is paramount and just as important as the person behind the wheel” says Kenny.

"I admire SEVENFRIDAY’s innovation and price sensitive engineering"

Kenny Handkammer

Kenny moved on to Renault and then red Bull racing where he continued his success with Sebastien Vettel over seeing a further eight titles! As chief mechanic with Red Bull, Kenny and the team produced another world record the 1.9 second pit stop in 2013.

In 2015 Kenny was ready for a new challenge and accepted the role as Global Director of Service Innovation at Tesla cars. This most original and innovative car company based in California has already produced a pit stop battery change, which can replace the car power pack quicker than it takes to fill a conventional car with petrol!

“I believe I had the best years in F1, We won 13 world championships with the best people in the sport. I wanted a new challenge and I’m now with one of the biggest innovators with road cars ever.”

Certainly Tesla now has a legend at the helm and can only benefit from Handkammer’s F1 experience and winning mentality.

"The (SEVENFRIDAY) watches tell a story about the owner and I love to wear them"

Kenny Handkammer

Mark Sutcliffe (SEVENFRIDAY UK distributor) says “You can imagine my excitement when Kenny first contacted me to buy a Sevenfriday P3-1 he had seen on Instagram! I was invited to Red Bull headquarters in Milton Keynes where Kenny and the mechanics bought 7 SEVENFRIDAY watches on Friday 7th. What an auspicious day that was!”

Already a bit of a watch buff Kenny started collecting SEVENFRIDAY and has a number of pieces now including the sought after Big Block and Woody 2 Pieces.

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