Your new favorite Gastro-Retail concept opened its doors!

Get ready to chill with likeminded souls over good food, drinks and SEVENFRIDAY at a place like no other. SEVENFRIDAY’s story has been anything but typical. From its inception in 2012, SEVENFRIDAY has shunned labels commonly associated with the watch industry, such as “tradition”, “Swiss made” and huge advertising budgets. Instead, SEVENFRIDAY chose to focus on creating desirable timepieces that are to-die-for. Marry this with prices that fall below expectations plus a dose of smart and innovative marketing – hello social media! – and the rest, as they say, is history. SEVENFRIDAY has since gone on to chart its own course centred on a lifestyle philosophy.

It is with this lifestyle philosophy in mind that SEVENFRIDAY and its Indonesian distributor first mooted the creation of a space like no other in 2015. Why have another traditional watch boutique when there is a potential to develop a social place where the SEVENFRIDAY lifestyle – and not just its watches – can be epitomised? After all, SEVENFRIDAY is all about “show me, don’t tell me”. What better way than with a SEVENFRIDAY Space?

What is the SEVENFRIDAY Space? It is a place where friends can meet and have a good time, without feeling any pressure to buy a watch. Have a drink here; come for lunch or dinner with good company. SEVENFRIDAY watch caught your eye, you say? Go ahead, try it on. Can’t sleep after you walked away without buying the watch you tried? Come on back and take the leap! Don’t take too much time though; because experience has shown us that many of the SEVENFRIDAY watches don’t hang around too long.

Coming to fruition after a year since the idea was conceived, there are basically no gimmicks about this Space. The food and drinks, service and ambience are designed to exceed expectations – just like SEVENFRIDAY watches. Yes, you can still shop for and purchase SEVENFRIDAY watches at the SEVENFRIDAY Space; but the minute you step into the Space, there are no qualms about the concept. SEVENFRIDAY Space is a raw, fuss-free establishment created for likeminded souls to chill over good food and drinks, seven days of the week, making every day feel like a Friday.

The interior design of the new SEVENFRIDAY Space is jointly created by SEVENFRIDAY and Indonesian architect, Sugiarto Witaria, and was developed based on two elements. The first is the design philosophy, which is that the Space is an extension of the brand’s modern industrial DNA. The second is that the Space have a stylish yet casual ambience where socializing, dining and selling takes place seamlessly.

Walk into the 220sqm SEVENFRIDAY Space and patrons have the option to relax in the wood-paneled bar/lounge area; sit in the open-kitchen dining area; or browse products in the gallery. For customers who are seated in either the bar/lounge or dining areas, they can opt to have the watches they wish to view brought to their table. Watches will be served up – in vintage deposit boxes no less, which have been up-cycled from their days in renowned Swiss banks. If you look hard enough you might just see a limited edition SEVENFRIDAY guitar!

The contrasting nature of industrial and luxurious elements such as concrete, copper, stainless steel, stones, wood and leather are represented throughout the Space, with many details inspired by the iconic squircle (square + circle) shape of the SEVENFRIDAY watch case. Furnished with a mix of new and vintage pieces of modern classics, such as Eames chairs, Jean Prouve furniture and Vitsoe shelves, the Space is a definitive nod to the timeless appeal of industrial design.

We hope to see you soon at the SEVENFRIDAY Space, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.