Touchdown in Shenyang and Fuzhou China!

On the SEVENFRIDAY mission of expansion, Shenyang and Fuzhou are the next stops! With a space opening in each location, we have the opportunity to connect with new people in new places and expanding our community.

Featuring a wall of vibrant graffiti art, as well as the instantly recognizable SEVENFRIDAY icons the space in Shenyang is another place for fans and friends of the brand to spend their time and socialize. Fuzhou is a more open stand in the middle of the mall floor.

The perfect place to drop by while strolling from store to store, this space too is instantly recognizable as a part of the SEVENFRIDAY group! With our tried and true rustic wooden displays and plenty of pictures of our products to be seen, Fuzhou epitomizes SEVENFRIDAY style!

The next time you’re in Fuzhou or Shenyang, stop by and say hi!