Yes, YFPF stands for ‘your favorite pajama festival’ but it was anything other than sleepy! With three different stages set in Mumbai, LA, and Berlin, the attendees were able to travel around the world with the click of a mouse. If it was RnB you were in search of, the LA stage was the place to be featuring artists such as Shawn Stockman. If electro-house hit the spot you were sure to be seen raving with DJ Madoc in Mumbai. Rock/Pop fan anyone? Then you were probably singing along to the Rising Lights in Berlin!

YFPF was a one of a kind experience! The first and only online, international festival, YFPF was full of living room dance battles, enthusiastic performances and good discussions. Getting to see talented artists perform from the comfort of your own home is a once in a lifetime occurence. But above all the SEVENFRIDAY spirit and need for fun in this unpredictable time is what brought all artists, the SEVENFRIDAY team and the hundred attendees together!

Despite taking place over Zoom, the festival was brimming over with energy and atmosphere. I can attest to this firsthand seeing as although it started at five am for me, it only took a few minutes until I was in party mode, ready for a night out on the town! You’ve never had more fun in your pajamas.

We call all music lovers, festival goers and party animals to join us in the next YFPF for anexperience you’ll never forget!