SEVENFRIDAY x Rocketbyz x SUSUDIO leather jackets pay homage to iconic men and women who #liveSEVENFRIDAY

The new SEVENFRIDAY Special Edition is a series of twenty-three Susudio leather jackets hand-painted by artist Rocketbyz with iconic heroes and sheroes that #liveSEVENFRIDAY. The unprecedented collaboration gives SEVENFRIDAY friends and fans a new way to live the #liveSEVENFRIDAY brand spirit and brings the brand one step closer into the unique worlds of art and fashion.

Always looking for new ways to step out of the watch box, we jumped at the chance to work with brand SuperFriend, Rocketbyz, and welcome new collaborator, Susudio. With fashion as the ultimate form of expression, we could not have come up with a better way to make our first foray into the category. The combination of Rocketbyz’s freedom of art and use of color and Susudio’s bold design aesthetic and attention to detail created a diverse collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that exemplify the free, off-beat nature of the SEVENFRIDAY community. We believe fans, friends and fashion devotees alike, will really get a kick out of this latest collaboration.

The twenty-three one-of a kind hand painted jackets pays homage to iconic men, women and mantras that exemplify the SEVENFRIDAY “Show Me Don’t Tell Me” mantra. The foundation of the special edition collection is an array of leather bombers, motorcycle, racer and fencing style jackets in red, black and blue with suede, padded stitching, zippers and buckle detailing from Susudio’s Signature Line. Each jacket has a specially designed label and in true SEVENFRIDAY style, numbered to indicate the its authenticity within the collection.

Visual artist Rocketbyz by Tomyboy, added his signature color concept by hand to create unique visually dynamic wearable art that translate into the foundation of the SEVENFRIDAY brand lifestyle. Neon green, white, pink and yellow mixed with white and black are visually stunning. While some jackets feature Rocketbyz style portrait images, others feature slogans and mottos that exemplify a life lived freely and unrestricted to typical societal norms.

The special edition SEVENFRIDAY x Rocketbyz x Susudio leather jackets are available exclusively online via Watch Anish’s boutique with small numbers physically stocked at the SEVENFRIDAY Space in Jakarta, Cafe in Taiwan and popup in Hong Kong.