It’s time for huge engines, vintage styling and burning rubber!

Back in 2014 we released the P3-BB aka the Big Block, an American Off-Series celebrating our love for muscle cars, their loud exhausts, smoking tyres and big block engines.

In August 2016 we released our second American Off-Series, based around another classic, the Hot Rod.

The P3C/01 Hot Rod has an eye catching, polished stainless steel bezel and an interface that’s 5 layers deep, made up of 22 applied parts. The inner dial is inspired by oversized chrome Hot Rod grills and allows the wearer to see more of the watches ticking engine than ever before. The seconds disc rotates above a cross spoke rim and the thick leather strap is inspired around a seatbelt.

This piece is limited to 450 pieces worldwide as mentioned on the interface and features lume on the hour hand, minute hand and hour indices. It is NFC compatible via the SEVENFRIDAY smartphone app and is our first Off-Series to feature a crown protector, fittingly with tyre tread pattern.