Live music rocks

The first leg of the #SEVENFRIDAYTOUR is underway! We toured London for two days meeting everyone we could fit in and now it’s time for the tour’s first evening event.

To mark 40 years of Punk we took over the iconic 100 Club on Oxford Street with COLT 45 for a one off SEVENFRIDAY Punk night!

The list of world famous bands who’ve taken to the stage at this venue is endless but here are just a few of our favourites – Sex Pistols, The Clash, Queens Of The Stone Age, Metallica, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Blur, Mark Ronson and Chuck Berry!

With soundcheck done and a line forming outside the unassuming entrance of the 100 Club, it was show time. Doors opened and people flowed into the underground venue for a dose of new age punk. The room was packed with an unusual mix of people, full time watch bloggers mixed with COLT 45 fans, punk rock enthusiasts with SEVENFRIDAY retailers and both music and watch media quickly found common ground as the world of watches and punk rock collided!

COLT 45 absolutely destroyed it on the stage, their fans knew what to expect and were not disappointed but everyone who hadn’t heard the band before were blown away by their pounding rhythm and explosive energy.

They left the stage to roaring applause and as chants for an encore grew louder and louder they came back for just one more track!

Huge thanks to the incredible COLT 45 for bringing down the house at the 100 Club and of course to the SEVENFRIDAY UK team.For more info on where the #SEVENFRIDAYTOUR is next, check our dedicated tour page and for everything we’re doing related to music, make sure you’re following