Hitting the road for the SEVENFRIDAY Tour

We custom fitted a 1969 Airstream trailer turning it into a SEVENFRIDAY mobile lounge! The #SEVENFRIDAYTOUR begins Monday 27th June, we’re meeting up with you, you guys and girls who are living SEVENFRIDAY, combining your work and your passion.

"It's not a real tour until you break something, something big!"

The Danimal

We’d imagine Metallica said the same thing when they were on tour! In true “show me don’t tell me” style, we wasted no time in making this a ‘real’ tour. Driving over London Bridge on the third day of the world tour we snapped the Airstream’s rear axel. We were stuck on the side of London Bridge so made good use of the Airstream’s whiskey bar while waiting on a HUGE recovery truck to help us celebrate the SEVENFRIDAY Tour becoming a ‘real’ TOUR!

We got to work fixing it that night but 1969 American Airstream axels turn out to be rather hard to come by! We’re looking at mid July for the fix, events and venues to be confirmed as soon as we have a firm date for the fix.

In the meantime if you have a cool idea for the tour, shoot us an email –

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